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The Monastery of Innos (RolePlay)
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The Monastery of Innos (RolePlay)

Holy lord of light Innos gives you the chance to get rid of your sins, purify your soul!

Hereby will be written the rules to be followed in the sacred monastery of Innos :

1) The High Council is the head of the monastery, they take the great decisions, and give the orders
2) The entrance to the monastery is restricted to novices, mages and the royal army
3) Always speak the truth, for you are a serving Innos, god of light, fire and justice
4) Citizen who want to have the rank of novice will be given Missions to show their faith
5) Novices will be given tasks by the magicians, it will be considered as duty towards the monastery
6) For any crime, the criminals will be escorted to the city by a militia to get jailed
7) If someone does too much crimes, he will be rejected from the Brotherhood of Innos
8) The magicians will be choosen by approval of the High Council

Judge, High mage of Fire, Highest member of the council:
Judge, High mage of Fire: Cristian
Wisdomful mage of fire:
Mage of fire:
Old Novice:

Thread-urile marcate cu roleplay sunt strict pentru roleplay, daca aveti intrebari puneti-le in thread-ul cu discutii.
Threads that are marked with (RolePlay) are strictly for roleplay, if you have questions post them in the discussion thread.

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